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The Relief of Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can be severe and in some cases chronic but in order to find any kind of effective relief, we may have had to spend vast amounts of money but for many that relief could just not be afforded. Now however there is CBD muscle cream which is both effective and reasonably priced.

This is a product by American CBD and has proven to be both effective and affordable for most muscle pain sufferers. The cream is produced by taking advantage of the pain relief qualities found in some of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Although cannabinoids in hemp plants, also known as marijuana or cannabis, are also known to produce a high, it are only the cannabinoids containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which cause the high and so CBD (Cannabidiol), the cannabinoids used in pain relief cream, have no adverse side-effects.

Using hemp for beneficial health is nothing new as many people were using marijuana for pain relief prior to its being banned, however, what is new is that today the different types of cannabinoids can be recognized and segregated. This means that whilst marijuana may have been used before for pain relief, it did have the potential to also offer adverse health problems but not anymore. Today not only can scientists recognize and segregate the different cannabinoids in hemp but they can also now grow strains of hemp which have little or no THC, providing cannabinoids which help health without the ones which have the potential for also providing adverse side-effects.

Until it was banned in most countries around the world, hemp was being used for an increasing number of purposes, including garment production, replacement of wood in paper products and even the production of hemp oil for various uses. This, of course, all stopped when marijuana was outlawed which has led to some people speculating that it was the large oil and timber companies which influenced its ban. Although it is unlikely that hemp oil could cause a real threat to the oil companies, it could make a considerable difference to the lumber companies. As marijuana also became popular for a recreational smoke, if hemp had not been banned it is highly likely that the tobacco industry would have suffered great losses also.

As more and more countries and even some States in the US are relaxing their bans on marijuana, researchers are once again finding more and more uses for the plant and its properties. Cannabinoids can not only be used in the medical profession to alleviate pain but can also assist in cures for Alzheimer’s and cancer with continued research hoping to find yet more ailments the properties of hemp can help with.

There can be little doubt that the hemp plant if allowed to be grown freely, especially strains which have only a minimal THC level, it could become one of the most important plants on the planet for benefiting humans. Fortunately, the hemp plant is easy to grow and provides two harvests a year, making it very compatible with our needs.