Efficiency in an Instant: Harnessing the Speed and Precision of the Rapid Heating Hob

A streamlined design and smooth, easy-to-clean facade make this style of hob popular. Most are also quick to heat up and easy to control.

Handy safety features include residual heat indicators and touch control power locks to prevent children from changing settings. Some models even have a timer that switches the hob off after a preset amount of time.

Space efficient design

Unlike gas hobs that can leave interior surfaces hot after use, halogen stoves heat up only the cooking area, allowing you to keep your fingers safe from burns. They also work with any type of pan, so you can choose to upgrade your existing cookware without buying a whole new set.

If you’re on a tight budget or have limited space, an electric ceramic hob could be the perfect solution. The heating systems are hidden underneath the tough, shatterproof glass surface, which is marked with ‘zones’ indicating the size of pan suitable for each zone and its position on the hob. The power level of each zone can be increased or decreased using the control knobs. Residual heat indicators on select models warn you if a zone has not been switched off fully, and will remain red until it is cool and safe to touch.

Induction hobs are another popular choice, as they’re energy efficient and fast-heating. They use a spiral copper coil beneath the cooking zone to generate a magnetic field that only activates when induction-friendly pans are placed on the hob. This eliminates the need for open flames, and their smooth surface means they’re easy to clean. However, these types of hobs aren’t recommended for anyone with a pacemaker fitted because of their electromagnetic field, which can interfere with medical devices.

Versatile cooking options

The best hobs give you a lot of flexibility and this Gorneje model is no different. It uses induction technology to provide a wide range of intelligent features. The power boost function for instance intensifies the heating of your pans, to deliver faster cooking results. It also features bep dien tu munchen bridge zones that allow you to combine two zones for bigger cookware. Other smart options include child locks and a time limit control that stops you from accidentally changing your settings.

This gas hob offers precise heat control with stepFlame technology, that provides nine flame graduations to suit your dish. It has four regular burners as well as a dual wok zone for rapid heating. And it has a sleek, black glass top that’s easy to clean.

Sealed electric plate hobs aren’t the fastest off the mark, but they’re affordable and offer a simple, sleek design that’s easier to keep clean than a traditional gas or induction hob. This AEG candidate did particularly well in our tests, boiling a 1.5 litre pan of water over the flexible zone in a speedy 2 minutes 19 seconds. It also offered consistent heating, although it didn’t distribute the heat as evenly as the other models we tested. The controls are easy to use, too.

Elegantly integrated hob

In modern open-plan kitchens, customers demand top performance from their appliances as well as refined aesthetics in perfect harmony with the surrounding living space. The solution is a hob with integrated extractor that conceals a powerful downdraft vent underneath its glass ceramic surface, rising only when needed to instantly clear the air of cooking odours and steam.

The hob’s induction zones are elegantly framed by a stainless-steel frame that blends seamlessly with the worktop for a sleek and sophisticated look. In addition, the new induction hob can be fitted with a range of features to make cooking even easier, such as the intelligent Pot Detector that automatically senses pans and adjusts power settings; and the Booster function which increases the power of the selected zone for up to ten minutes, ideal for bringing large quantities of water to the boil or grilling meat quickly.

For complete peace of mind, the hob can be equipped with an electronic child lock so that children or pets are unable to use it without supervision. Maintenance is also easy thanks to the safety system, with built-in grease traps that collect spillages for quick cleaning by hand or in a dishwasher. And the extractor’s motor can be easily removed for servicing by a professional and is dishwasher safe.