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For centuries Chinese used Magnetized Water, Beverages, frequently; they used “Life Water” to receive desired natural responses from the body to improve; Life High-quality · By holding Water, Juice, Natural Teas, Oils in the SH-Intense Magnetic Cup for a minimum 5 minutes, the Molecules in liquid beverage turn out to be restructured. SH-Intense Magnetic Discipline Energy in the Magnetic Cup delivers fast beverage therapy, and outcomes. Tremendous Energy Bio magnets 6000 gauss every cost the Liquid beverage and enriches it with “unfavorable” good, beneficial ions. This promotes alkalinity and will increase the quantity of oxygen in the beverage for organism cells consumption. The newest expertise with Superior Magnetic Shield is utilized on this “SH-Intense Magnetic Cup.”

Or keep the “SH-Intense Magnetic Cup” always full and refill after drinking. Porcelain interior in “SH-Intense Magnetic Cup” is surrounded by 4 Super Powerful Bio magnets 6000 gausses each. This helps concentrate SH-Intense Magnetic Discipline Vitality in the middle of the Magnetic Cup by avoiding leakage of Magnetic Induction. Bonded in a round, brilliant finished steel cup, these mighty magnets have unimaginable holding power for or her dimension. This helpful and useful neodymium magnetic cup has a robust magnet embedded inside a Nickel coated steel cup to offer the utmost gripping energy. The steel cup protects the magnet and concentrates the magnetic pressure on the magnet surface. The cup magnet has a countersunk center hole that is ideal for mounting with a flat head screw or bolt.

This cup is designed to work with magnetic receptive glass dry erase boards. Powerful neodymium magnets hold this cup’s magnetic glass boards. They promote magnets for magnetic stirrers for about $1 on Amazon. AEC Magnetics clients love these magnets! Occupied with studying more about magnets? Furthermore, the magnetic self-stirring mug consists of stainless steel cup that can keep your drink warm. It’s made of secure and durable supplies: food-grade 304 premium stainless steel and silicone. Due to this, the cup becomes secure and intensely durable. Clear and handy, it may be rapidly charged in 2 hours, very safe and eco-friendly, and straightforward to use. We use them to hold components in place and put up important announcements, but they’re so convenient we are positive you will be part of our customers in finding tons of makes use of for them.